Domus Capital SA is a 100% Portuguese owned company that in 2018 did a reboot of its main activity to become the propeller and owner of various brands in several activity sectors such as drinks and food products.

Working since 2009 in the sector of export outsourcing and as an international purchase center, we have kept throughout the years a straight relationship with numerous countries, with special focus in continents like Africa, Europe and Central and South America.

With the acquired experience, the group noticed the existing opportunities in both national and international markets for the launching of certain products and services that could achieve success. The first of those products was our beer QUINAS, launched in an extremely competitive market but teeming with opportunity waiting to be explored. Since then, other brands have been created.


Owner of various brands in segments such as food and drinks, focusing in complementing our brands in order to make their distribution and growth competitive.


To be competitive and innovative, promoting Portuguese made products and services and carrying them different publics and markets. To become a reference in the multiple segments we operate.


To be a global group operating in diverse markets with the spirit of triumph. Valuing its human resources and promoting their growth, the company grows when its employees grow. To become a reference in Portugal.